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[April 12, 2020 | 12:12 PM]
[ mood | chipper ]

Forget THE PLAY BUTTON it automatic plays by itself. 
I love this song by the way.

You know what?
My journal,
It's best viewed if you log into your lj account.

Feedback [September 07, 2009 | 09:01 PM]

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GRAB YOUR SUMMER ESSENTIAL NOW!!! [September 06, 2009 | 02:16 AM]
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photo by nancy


[August 06, 2009 | 09:52 AM]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Alright people, its official.

I will no longer use livejournal for life updates.
I will be using tumblr.
I update songs, thoughts, opinion, photo of the day, video, phrase for the day, practically anything.
My livejournal will be used for,
well I'm not sure.
I have to think about it.
I won't delete it.

[August 01, 2009 | 09:27 PM]
[ mood | artistic ]

I just created tumblr and a new gmail for a change.
need to update lots of stuff.
I wanna deactivate my friendster, my corny old gmail account and my hotmail account.
twitter and livejournal stays as they are.

[August 01, 2009 | 02:26 PM]
[ mood | if only have ]

Zumreed lime headphones

iPOD touch

2 carat cup gold

500XL giant earbud speakers

DOMO Action Figure

golden mini elephant  earrings

keepsake USB turntable

mini rainboots garden

pep talks and picker-uppers

purple haze smock dress

quilted denim bomber jacket

rain parade mine  umbrella (sailorman)

stainless steel water botte

toddland chevron backpack

USB tulip hub

United Benetton Green Bike

Mr. pink diana f+ camera

Leica M system series - M6, 7 , 8, or 8.2

Just a few essential things that I need to buy. :/

P.S.: I should be finishing up my assignments at this very moment. TSK, good god, what am I doing right here.

[July 27, 2009 | 02:29 AM]
[ mood | penat la. ]

you know what, belle found out that i didn't XXX XXXX XX XXXXbook.
then she went omg kak. then i went hahaha what, i just XXXX XXX la.
she asked me doesnt your XXXXXXX XXXX about this.
haha erm, one or two. tsk tsk tsk tsk, kakak.....
then! she ended the conversation with
" kak you know what, there's seriously something wrong with you two"
excuse me,  how am i wrong here? tell me now.
and why did i XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX the most critical part?

anyways, today's tiring especially with the rockamania stuff.
and my tiredness from yesteday's walk is still not gone  YET.

[June 25, 2009 | 10:03 PM]
[ mood | high ]

I've read the book, so did belle.
Its good. Some chapters can be a bit drag.
Some chapters are just wonderful to read.
Some chapters are too wordy.
Nevertheless, it has a good story line.

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